When I first discovered what I wanted to be when I "grew up," I realized it wasn't a career title but rather a sentiment of passion.

I wanted to help make peoples' homes a happy place.



From the moment I sat on the floor drawing on a cardboard box my parents could tell that I could draw and so they sent me to art school. While other kids played in the yard I lived in a world full of colors and creativity. My dream job became my everyday reality.


Helping to Makeover Your Space

Interior design isn't just about purchasing the right pieces to fill a space. In fact, the right pieces look different for everyone. My job is to help you identify the way you hope to use your space, the way you want your space to make you feel, and envision and create in order to mold your project in the most effective way possible while also bringing to life your personality. When your clients or your guests see the completed design for the first time, I want them to say "This is so you." 



  • Certified Interior Decorator

A Few of My Favorite Things

Antique shops, flea markets, quaint small towns (architectural design), cobblestone side walks, coffee shops, warm weather on the shore with friends and family and everything chalk paint.